20" Umbrella Rig w/ 6" Twin Tail Shrimp Baits

Twin Tail Color

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Prod. Code: UBK - 20- TT

Most fish will hit a shrimp bait.

  So we combined a kit with 8 - 6" Twin Tail Shrimp Baits on a 20" Umbrella Frame.  You choose the Chase Bait.. 

We rigged a chase bait with  a 1 oz. Jighead on another 6" Twin Tail on a 20" leader and had pretty good catch ratios on medium size stripers slow trolled at 2-3 mph.....

Kit includes

1 - 20" Umbrella Frame that holds 8 baits

8 - 2/0 Brass Snap Swivels

8 - Twin Tail Shrimp

Try a Parahute Jig or Buster Jig as a Chase Bait for Larger Stripers....