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TERMINAL TACKLE FOR SALTWATER FISHING > 4/0 BrassSnap Swivels/ 10 per pack
4/0 BrassSnap Swivels/ 10 per pack

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 HEAVY DUTY  UMBRELLA RIG SWIVELS- these are hard to find!

When Rigging the plastic Shad on the snap swivel you need to be aware of the thickness of the wire that will be holding the shad teaser.  On the 4" you can use a smaller wire snap swivel because there isn't alot of pressure on the teaser.

When using the 6" or 9" teaser shad the wire MUST be thick enough to not to "cut " through the teaser. These swivels are made for Umbrella Rig Teasers and will hold the shad on the swivel.  The wire is a larger diameter than most brass snap swivels.

Each pack includes 10 brass snap swivels.  Use these to attach shad to Umbrella Arms.