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Umbrella Rig Saver Tool

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Price: $19.99
Prod. Code: URS - TOOL

It's happened to all of us.  Trolling through your favorite fishing area, All of a sudden the line goes tight and the drag starts screaming...That expensive umbrella rig is hung up.  Well....now you can get that rig back!  The new UMBRELLA RIG SAVER TOOL makes it easy to get your rig loose and back on the boat.

The Umbrella Rig Saver Tool is easy to use, just follow these simple instructions:

1. Attach 100' of 1/8" rope to the eye on top of the weight.

2. Position the boat directly over the snagged umbrella rig.

3. Tighten the fishing line

4. Attach Umbrella Rig Saver to the fishing line by inserting the fishing line in the ring.

5. Lower the Umbrella Rig Saver

6. Pull on the 1/8" rope with sharp up/down motion until it hooks on to the umbrella rig

7. The umbrella rig will become unsnagged, now just reel in the fishing line and pull up the rope..Thats all there is to it !