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Shad Bodies and Soft Plastics > 6" Twin Tail Shrimp Baits 10 Per Pack
6" Twin Tail Shrimp Baits  10 Per Pack

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Prod. Code: TTT-6"

6 " Twin Tail Shrimp Baits  10 PACK 

This lure has the same Grooved Back as our shad bodies.  Has excellent action..The Twin Tail Shrimp Bait can be used as a trailer on a bucktail ( EXCELLENT FOR CATCHING STRIPED BASS! ), With a lead weight in front or fished alone. 

The plastic used has a "softer" feel which creates more movement from the twin tails.  Does not has the hard rubber feel like most other plastics.

Try these jigging on our 1 oz jigheads...You will not be dissapointed!

Click image for a picture of the Twin Tail Shrimp Bait rigged on a 2 oz. bucktail.  Bucktail is not included