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Shad Bodies and Soft Plastics > 9" STRIPER TREATS (BRAND NEW) 10 Pack

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C & K Saltwater Fishing Tackle has designed a lure for you..THE STRIPER TREAT !

..We have been working on this for a few months now. Finally came up with the design and brand new colors....These things sparkle!

A semi transparent plastic with brilliant color and just enough chrome color flash, that the fish will not be able to resist these lifelike baits. 

Available in 3 sizes.  7", 9" and 12".  8 new "ICE COLORS"

There are two "notches" in the bait to give it that natural look and action.  Alot of time, effort and testing was put into the design, colors, type of material and flash to use on this new and exciting bait. 

The STRIPER TREAT can be trolled as a single bait, rigged on an umbrella rig or as the most popular way....jigging!

Excellent when used with our Striper Jigs or any jighead. 

Try them as a trailer on your bucktails when trolling or jigging.

Click on the image for a close up of the STRIPER TREAT !

You have to see the brilliance and sparkle on the SNIPER ! They shine like diamonds and will put fish in the box!!  Don't miss out.  Give em a try and GET THE EDGE !