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Umbrella Rigs/ Ready To Fish!! > 15" 4 Arm Umbrella Rig w/ 4oz. Bucktail
15" 4 Arm Umbrella Rig w/ 4oz. Bucktail

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Prod. Code: UM-15-4-4BT

READY TO FISH!!!!  Great on fish up to 24"


15" 4 arm umbrella rig. Rigged with Four (4)  shad bodies with paddle tail. Leader is approx. 18" in length. Bucktail lure is 4 oz. 6 inch shad is on Bucktail.

This rig is made of the highest QUALITY materials and is second to none!! We take great pride when putting these rigs together. The paint on the head is first class!! the Eyes are made to contrast with the head of the lure. Only the best materials are used.

 We have been fishing the mid Chesapeake Bay for many years and have used these EXACT lures with unbelieveable success on stripers. Other sizes and colors are available. Put the best in your spread!! We use a few different sizes and colors along with different frames

BOTTOM LINE......OUR RIGS CATCH FISH!!! There is alot to be said about the quality of these rigs