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Umbrella Rigs/ Ready To Fish!! > 20" TANDEM Umbrella Rig w/ TWO 2oz. Parachutes
20" TANDEM Umbrella Rig w/ TWO 2oz. Parachutes

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Price: $35.99
Prod. Code: TUB 2OZ

Can you handle two stripers at one time???  If you plan on using this rig you should be asking yourself that question!!

This is a 20" TANDEM Umbrella Rig that has TWO -  2 oz. Bright Eyes Parachutes.  Parachutes include 9" shad and STINGER hooks on each Chute!!

Frame holds (8) 4" or 6" Teaser shad bodies.

This Rig requires a slightly heavier set up.  Medium/Heavy to Heavy rod/ 4/0 or heavier reel spooled with Minimum 40# test line.

This Umbrella rig just like all our other rigs, is  made from the best tackle available.  The Eyes on our Parachutes and bucktails are as realistic as it gets! No skimping on the nylon hair on these chutes either!!  The finished paint is second to none!! 

Give this rig a try!!!  It produces!!!

Teaser shad and parachute shad will be same color unless different color shad colors are specified.