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Price: $39.99
Prod. Code: BU-1

20" Buster Umbrella Rig

The Buster Jig has become very popular with fishermen up and down the coast.  Designed to get your bait deep without any extra weight was the goal...The Buster Jig is having excellent results with Trolling/Jigging for Stripers to Deep Drop jigging offshore for Halibut and Grouper.

 Since trollers have been using the Buster Jig in the Chesapeake behind Umbrella Rigs, We decided to add the Twin Tails to the teasers....It was a success!  So here it is...The new Buster Umbrella!!

Rigged on a 20" frame with 8 - Teasers and your choice of 3 weight Buster Jigs.