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Parachute Jigs and Plastic Shad

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Always store the same shad colors together. NEVER mix colors when storing. One color will bleed on to the other. For instance, if you put your yellow shad in contact with white, over a very small period of time where they have touched the yellow will "stain" the white. Always separate by color and store in separate plastic bags.

 If you want to keep your parachutes and umbrella rigs looking nice you need to rinse them off with fresh water and dish soap after each fishing trip then hang them to dry. After they dry, brush them out with a hair brush. I truly believe that taking this extra bit of time to clean your new lures will make them more effective and it certainly makes then last longer.

The eyes, although very durable can break or crack if abused on deck. Do NOT throw them on the deck of the boat. Also, when a fish is brought into the boat, remove the lure as soon as possible. Never let the fish flop around on the deck when it still has the parachute in its mouth.