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Aluminum Tuna Plug (RIGGED)

Price: $24.99
Availability: in stock
Prod. Code: ATP-R

An aluminum cedar plug done up in chrome!! RIGGED!!

The one stand alone big and major difference in this new product is the weight.

We have also found that the action seems to be perfect. The darting and swimming action that these plugs produce is outstanding!

We are confident after many trials, runs and hook ups that these are going to be a great addition to any spread.
 Running on a small recreational fishing boat all the way to a gigantic offshore charter fleet. The response we are receiving   continues to be positive as we are  getting these out to the fishermen.
 Please give me any feedback or interest in this great product. One of the goals in bringing this lure out was to diminish the price significantly, to make it a very affordible piece.