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Tandem Rigs > PARACHUTE TANDEM RIG 2 oz. & 4 oz. Total Weight 6 oz.
PARACHUTE TANDEM RIG    2 oz. & 4 oz. Total Weight 6 oz.

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There are some that do not like the extra weight of an Umbrella Rig while bringing the fish to the boat, so here is a great alternative. TANDEM RIGS!!

 These can be run just as they are . This rig is Ready to fish!! Includes one 2oz.  and one 4 oz.  lure. TOTAL OF 6 OUNCES! Shad is available in 3  colors.

Both lures have a 9" shad and stinger hooks!! 

 We use these in our spread along with umbrella rigs. With the Tandem Rigs you do not have the extra weight and drag that you do with the Umbrella and these rigs are very effective and have produced some HUGE stripers. You can still get the desired depth by length of line out or different size lures run in tandem.

 GET THE EDGE and put these in your spread today!!