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Balsa Bug

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Some of you may be familiar with this type of lure. It has proven itself in the surf tournaments in North Carolina!  If you have ever fished this rig  you know how deadly it can be from the surf, on anchor or drifting.  Those of you who have never experienced this type of lure, once you find out how it works you will not have a box that doesn't have a BALSA BUG in it!!

Let me explain.....

1)The lure is attached to a fishfinder rig with the weight of your choice and what the conditions require.

2) Attach the main line(with the fishfinder rig) to a barrel swivel.

3) from other end of the barrel swivel attach the BALSA BUG leader.

4) sweeten the BALSA BUG with a strip bait,minnow,soft crab or peeler.  The "meat" should extend 1"-2" from the trailer hook.

NOW....HOW IT WORKS!!  Your weight holds the rig on the bottom.  Since the BALSA BUG is as light as air it will ride above the bottom and "hover" or "flutter" in the moving current.  Its not just laying on the bottom like the other rigs.

This system and type of rig has proven to be a deadly combination on flounder,trout,bluefish,croaker, stripers and anything else anywhere near the bottom!!  I have posted a pic and instructions on how to fish this rig.  Once you understand how it works you will join hundreds of others who have landed many fish with it.  Take a look!!