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Teaser Tail/Deer Hair with 6/0 Hook

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Teaser Tails!!  With Deer Hair

Teaser Tails are used as the trailing hook on the spoons, on a fish finder rig for flounder, trout, bluefish and many other species.  There are several colors to choose from.  All are hand tied.  These tails have Real Deer Hair Skirts and rigged with a 6/0 hook ready to add to your favorite spoon.

There is another use for this lure.........Through trial and error alot of the fishermen in the Chesapeake Bay area have found tying the TEASER TAIL on a dropper loop about 18" above your normal lure (bucktail, Bass Assasin etc) while light tackle jigging has produced some fine catches of Stripers!!  Alot of days, Rigged this way it's the lure that caught most of the fish!!


Either way you decide to rig it you can't go wrong with a TEASER TAIL!!