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Newsletters > Season is going well!!
Season is going well!!

Apr 22, 2006

This is turning out to be another banner year for the
rockfish! Reports are coming in with fish being caught from
the bay Bridge to the Md/Va line. The fish have been in
the channel and on the channel edges in 38-70 feet of
water. We fished 2 days this past week and had our limit
within a couple hours with Rob Hurd catching the largest on
the boat 2 days ago. 43" and over 30 pounds. Good Job

There was a concern that the season would come to a halt
with the water temps increasing at the pace they are.
Today we have a cold snap that hopefully will extend the
season a little longer. The colder temps should hold the
fish here. As the water warms up into the 60's they won't
hang around long. It was 62 degrees yesterday!

Lately, (last 2 days) I have been getting reports of better
catches in the 35' to 45' depths, white umbrellas and
tandem rigs have been hot.

We fished the channel edges between 84A and 83 both days
and did very well. Also some reports of some nice fish
taken around 86.

As far as new products.....we are working on putting
together some summer lures. flounder rigs, smaller
bucktails and even have one of our suppliers working on a
prototype of a new holograqphic shad body for us.

Also check out the Teaser Tails in the spoon and spoon
umbrella section!! These make great flounder rigs as well
as fished off a dropper loop.

Thanks for all the pics that have been sent in , it looks
like everyone is having a great trophy season

Catch em up and tight lines!!