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Rainy Days

May 16, 2006

It seems they are calling for rain every day this week, BUT
we all know about the weather report!!
The spring trophy season is all but over. We
did so well last year with the quotas they raised the limit
from 28" to 33" this year. I don't know about you, but
that didn't stop us from reaching our limits very early in
the day. As the fish started their journey out of the
chesapeake anglers were still getting their fill of trophy
fish into early May.

The higher water temps this year were a bit earlier than

Anglers are now taking the broomstick rods off the boats
and replacing them with the chumming outfits. A few have
started and have had some sucess, but this will improve as
the season progresses and we start to see the regular
summer pattern.

Some good news ( This is coming second hand) is there seems
to be reports that seatrout have been caught near Tangier
in the shallows. That would be great to see a return of
trout as in years past.

So get ready to spring into our summer pattern and dont
forget those 3/8-2oz bucktails!! We added a complete line
of bucktails for light tackle jigging, casting or trolling.

As always have a great time out there and most of all be

Tight Lines