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Summer Pattern

May 23, 2006

The summer pattern for the bay and rivers is starting to
develop. Anglers are finding a few birds working early and
late in the day. They are having success with the Stripers
casting spoons and small bucktails. Please be respectful to
others while working these fish. motor up slowly to the
near edge of the school, kill the motor and cast into
them. The action is fast. This is wear the spoons with the
teaser tails are getting the action!!
A few larger fish are still being caught trolling but most
have downsized the baits. I have been asked by a few if I
would rig Tandem a small and large bucktail. of course I
would be happy to do this. If you are interesed in one of
the tandem rigs please e mail me and I will put them
together for you. I am using 40# mono leaders, bucktails
are 1 oz and 4 oz or 2 oz and 8 oz. 25' leader is on the
smaller bucktail and 15 ft is on the larger.
Another way to troll is with a drop rig. Tie a 3 way
swivel to the main line, off one of the 2 remaining eyes
eye run the 1 oz bucktail with a 4 " shad on the 25'
leader. On the remaining eye tie a 3 ft pc of mono. on the
end of the 3 ft pc tie another 3 way swivel.run the 15' 4
oz. bucktail with 6" shad off this. On the remaining eye of
the second 3 way run a 2 ft pc of mono to a coastlock
swivel and attach a cannonball sinker of 12oz. or more.
When letting out line let it hit bottom...wait 5 seconds
and hit bottom again then lock it down. This will catch the
stripers hanging close to the bottom and in a few weeks
slow your speed and you may pick up a trout or 2. Work the
ledges in an "S" pattern.
The croaker bite has turned on in the rivers!! Still not
hot and heavy but they are there. small jigs or peeler are
working on standard 2 hook bottom rigs

We have heard reports of a few yellowfin taken offshore
around baltimore Canyon. It should only be 2 weeks or so
before the tuna move in a little closer/

We just added some awesome squid bodies for the tuna. both
single and rigged in a Daisy Chain.
Check out the bucktails .....they quality is awesome!

Dont forget to check back we are still adding more products
to help you get the edge.

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