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Plenty of Stripers

May 31, 2006

We finally took a much needed break this weekend and did a
little Striper fishing. Got off to a late start and worked
the ledges at Brownie's Hill on the eastern Shore side.

Had our limit of Stripers in no time. Fish were in the
18"-24" class for the keepers. Plenty of dink Stripers
which kept us busy and loads of fun. We decided to run all
7" 3 1/4" Spoon Umbrella rigs in gold, silver and
chartruese. these rigs looked and worked great.

Ran a total of 5 lines working depths of 21'-35'.Only 2 of
us on the boat so 5 rods was plenty! Most fish were caught
on the spoon rigs with a 1 oz. bucktail hook bait. Longest
line was 175' back with 1oz. inline sinker. Closest line
was 75' back with 16oz inline. Bucktail colors were red
tip, white and chartruese. Also had success with the spoon
hook baits w/Teaser tails.

It was a blast to get out there again. There are reports
that some trout are still making a showing this year and
the Croaker action is starting to heat up.

Offshore there are still scattered catches of tuna past the
50F line out of OC and all the bluefish you can handle at
the normal locations. Twin Wrecks and the Jackspot.

We now carry a 1oz. line of bucktails and have added a 9/0
Teaser tail with deer hair to go along with the 6/0 on the
teaser tails.
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Good Luck and Tight Lines