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Umbrella Rig Storage Bags

Jun 21, 2006

Just thought I would drop everyone a line and let you know
the Umbrella Rig Bags you guys have been asking for are
The bags measure 25" X 10". Clear front for easy
identification of contents and mesh backing. The mesh
provides a way for air to enter the bag for quick drying
and will not let moisture build up.
There are 2 pockets in the bag and will hold 2 rigs with
teasers up to 22" frames. Will hold 4 15" frames

These are a dream come true. Umbrella Rigs catch
fish,,,,no doubt about it, but.....storage has always been
a problem. Check out these bags in "LURE STORAGE" !!!! Now
you can have a neat and organized way to store your
Umbrella Rigs.
Tight Lines