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Newsletters > Striper Fishing Sunday 7/9/06
Striper Fishing Sunday 7/9/06

Jul 11, 2006

Finally got together with my 2 sons on sunday. Started out
trolling a little north of Bloody Point around 6 AM..
Within 10 minutes had our first striper 19". Fishing was
nonstop until we lost the tide at around 10 AM. Picked up
and trolled south a little farther between the mouth of
Eastern Bay and Green # 1. Wasn't long before we were into
fish again. We ended the day around 2 PM with our limit
with the fish between 19" and 26"

Trolling seems to be producing a little better than jigging
or chumming right now. still some debris in the water so be
careful as there are some pretty big logs, trees etc still
out there. Water is still muddy.

Hot lures of the day were white 1/2 oz. Laughing jigs with
4" white shad rigged on Tandem Drop Rig with our new 1 oz,
Striper skirted jig featured on our home page. 7" spoon
umbrellas also produced its fair share of fish.

trolled between 2.0 and 2.5 knots on the ledges in 22'-44'.
Most of the fish were in the 30'-35' range. the fish are
out there right now and the fishing is good!!! Be careful
of the debris, I heard a couple boats had damaged props and
lower units after hitting some of this stuff, so keep a
reasonable speed and a lookout!

Give these new Striper Jigs a try!!! they do produce
fish!!! As always......good luck and tight lines!