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New Products coming soon!!

Sep 8, 2006

Ok Guys and gals......sorry for the late report but we have
been working to bring on a few new products, we hope to add
to our inshore lures within the next couple weeks the
following products

weighted glow shad with teaser tails...this is a weighted
shad that when held under light for 20 seconds will have a
bright glow up to 10 hours!! will be available in 1.5 oz
and 6 oz. will be great on umbrella rigs

bubble gum 6" shad bodies

Striper assasins!! these will be HOT~!! Right now in
Citrus (yellow cahrtuese body and lime green back.

The fishing comntinues to be awesome in the bay. lots of
topwater action with stripers early and late in the day.
some bluefish are mixed with the stripers. jigging on the
outside of the breakijng fish with bucktails trimmed with
shad or assasins are getting the larger fish.

If you have the chance get out there now.

we are gearing up for the fall run of the big stripers that
will go up to the 50" mark as the water slowly cools. This
requires BIG baits. Trolling umbrella rigs and big tandems
are going to be the top producers for these fish. Stock up
now on the fall lures. we have been rigging tandems and
umbrellas for the guys up north for the past couple weeks
and they have been doing well with them. stay tuned for
some more products we are working on

good Luck and be safe!!