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Live Lining Stripers

Oct 4, 2006

Well folks the first report I have heard of a plus 40" fish
has arrived..looks like the fall pattern will be here

Anglers are still live lining spot and getting their limit
in short order. Fishbites seem to be the ticket for the

Most guys are stopping at the bars off sandy point and
picking up the spot then heading south to live line them
around the choptank.

starting to fill alot of the umbrella rig orders as
everyone is gearing up for the fall trolling season for
Stripers. tandems are also a hot item for the fall run.
dont miss out!! Still some reports of trout around point

we have recently added a great jig that is getting some
fantastic results. the new GLOW JIG. Available in 1.5
ounce and 6 oz. guys are dropping these jigs around the
breaking schools and the drop offs with some pretty
impressive results. The 6 ounce will be a good addition to
the fall trolling spread when run behind an umbrella rig.
Look in SPECIALS. I have these on sale for a limited time.

Some other new products we added are the Striper Assasins
and pink 6" shad bodies.

ALSO..........NEW Umbrella Rig Clips. 4/0 and 6/0. The
clips will eliminate the need for snap swivels on the
umbrella rigs and inline sinkers with a simple twist. the
pigtail design makes change out of weights and rigs a quick

As always be safe with the cooling water temps we are
seeing and tight lines!!