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Newsletters > Gearing Up For The Fall Striper Run
Gearing Up For The Fall Striper Run

Nov 2, 2006

Well the wait has been long for the guys and gals waiting
for the temps to drop and the Stripers to school up.

Thanks for all the feedback on the GLOW JIGS!! We knew
that was going to be a hot lure the first time we saw it.
It is still doing a number on the Stripers. Guys have also
taken fish on the larger 6 oz rigged on an umbrella rig.

Seems it is finally (actually a little early this year)
time to break out the larger rigs and start trolling. Fish
are in the early stages of the fall pattern. Some nice
reports have been coming in with fish over 40" taken on
larger rigs trolling the deeper water. Although there are
still fish in the skinny water to be taken on 5" Striper
Assasins. ....with the water temps dipping into the mid to
low 50's we will see a larger number of big fish being
taken in the deeper water.

Unlike the spring these fish will be on the channel edges
and deeper...meaning sinkers up to 24oz. Umbrella rigs and
tandem bucktails will be the hot lures in the ole standby
colors of chartruese and white. Pink 6" shad teasers also
played a huge role in the spring so we will be pulling
those as well. We are also talking to a supplier about an
11" Twister Tail which should be available soon!!

We have added a few new products for the offshore guys. We
now have 5" tuna Birds, 7" and 9" skirted Tuna Bird
teasers. 8" shell squid and a new ALUMINUM TUNA PLUG WITH
RED EYES!!! You can see these in "OFFSHORE LURES"

Also check out the Umbrella rig clips. These clips are a
fast and easy way to change out inline sinkers and umbrella
rigs. there is a limited supply so get yours while
supplies last.

On a safety note. make sure you have on your PFD's and a
float plan. tell someone where you will be and what time
you are expected to return. Make sure your VHFis up to par
and working properly. Lets make this fall a safe one

Good Luck and Tight Lines!!