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Spring is around the corner

Jan 21, 2007

Just thought I would drop everyone a line and let you know
a couple things we have been working on.

We have just completed a new line of Parachute Jigs that I
think you will agree are in a catagory by themselves.

Introducing the Brand New BRIGHT EYES PARACHUTE JIGS!!
These jigs have the same eyes that are on our bucktails.

If you are hardcore about your Striper Fishing you should
take a look at these. Run them tandem or with an Umbrella

Take a look at them in PARACHUTES/RIGGED and
PARACHUTES/UNRIGGED. they are priced to fit any budget.

Something else is the Striper Jigging Rigs, If you are into
catching fish on light tackle this is a Striper Must.
Adopted here in the Chesapeake Bay this rig has a 1 oz jig
with shad or Striper Assasin and a dropper Teaser Tail.

Dont forget to stock up on plastic shad! The Grooved Back
Shad is made of a softer material that will give the tail
more of a pulsating action than a harder plastic. Some
plastic shad are just too stiff. That takes away action
from the lure. Try the Grooved Back shad...I think you
will see the difference.

OK Offshore Guys!!
Look in our OFFSHORE LURES section....Do we have something
special for you!! The Green and Black Offshore Widow
Series!!Rigged or Unrigged. With a Tuna Bird or without.
They are 12" with a 9" to come soon. The eyes move and the
action is incredible. If you liked the Green machines then

We have some other things in the works for spring of
2007...so stay tuned!!