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Oct 7, 2007

I have been asked a few times and it seems to be coming up
more often. How to Bottom Bounce? I wrote a description
on Sportfisherman.com back in January. I figured it could
help a few folks to put a couple more fish in the
Bottom Bouncing


One of the most productive ways to catch in the Chesapeake
is Bottom Bouncing. This will work on Stripers and will
nail trout. This is a trolling set-up. This is how we rig
our bottom bouncing or drop rigs. Keep the sinker in
contact with the bottom at all times. the rod stays in your
hands. pick the rod up till the sinker comes off the bottom
and slowly let it back down till it touches. Keep repeating
this until you are hooked up.

It involves taking in line and letting out line as you work
up and down the ledge. the captain can help out by calling
out the depth. 20, 25, 30...we are coming up on a hump to
15' etc...This makes it easier for the guys in the pit to
adjust the amount of line out. We use this on our wire line
rigs with lead of 12oz to 24 oz. Leader is 30#-40# Flouro.
the length of leader can vary but we like to keep the top
lure half the weight of the bottom. Not too many guys use
it any more but pork rind is always in our box. tie on a
1/2-1oz. white bucktail with yellow pork rind and the trout
are all over it!!