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Nov 19, 2011

We are very excited about our new line of plastics that we are rolling out soon. With the success of the Striper Assassins we wanted to add a slightly larger bait that had plenty of action and flash. We tried a few different designs and colors.

The end result was the ICE STRIPER TREATS. We are confident this will be the go to bait for Stripers. The anglers in the Chesapeake Bay area that love to jig....You have to give these a try!

There are two notches in the bait to give the tail plenty of free natural movement. The colors stand out and you really have to see for yourself the way they reflect light! The flash used on the inside looks like cracked ice, which is where the "ICE" came from.

There will be 8 color choices that will cover all possible water conditions. Cloudy or sunny days...It doesnt matter....we have the color for it!

Available in 3 sizes.

Offered are 7", 9" and 12".

Stay Tuned...They are on the way!!

For a preview, we have a photo on our home page. Check it out

Thanks and as always...Be safe out there

Team C & K Saltwater Tackle